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What is Twitch Gainz?

Twitch Gainz is an online platform that fosters Twitch channel growth between community members. Interact with other channels to earn Gems. Spend those Gems to earn followers and live viewers of your own.

How does Twitch Gainz work?

Twitch Gainz has created an environment for Twitch users to interact with one another, helping each other grow their channels. Earn Gems by interacting with other channels and then use those Gems to grow your own channel – or fast track your growth by purchasing Gems.

What are the primary benefits of using Twitch Gainz?
  • Sign up easily using your Twitch account
  • Grow your Twitch channel for free
  • Earn affiliate or partner status on Twitch
How do I create an account?

Click "sign up now" in the header to start the signup process. You sign up using your Twitch account.

How do I start using Twitch to grow my Twitch channel?
  1. Sign up using your Twitch account
  2. Acquire Gems by accepting other offers on the Offer Feed page, or purchase Gems on the Purchase Gems page
  3. Create an offer on the Your Offers page to get more followers or live viewers
  4. That's it! Be sure to stream on at least 7 days per month and for a total of at least 500 minutes per month to reach affiliate status on Twitch.