How to Buy Twitch Followers Without Getting Banned

When you open a new Twitch account, the first order of business is strategizing your Twitch growth. Will you go the old-school route and focus on generating organic growth, or will you fast-track your channel growth by using a service to help you get Twitch followers?

Yes, there are multiple methods a Twitch streamer can use to attract more channel views and collect followers. Still, not all solutions for how to gain followers on Twitch are endorsed by Twitch Interactive.

Before you buy Twitch followers from a third-party, like a ‘Twitch gain followers’ service, educate yourself on how the service works, and whether it conflicts with Twitch’s terms of service.

It’s up to you to decide the best way to grow your Twitch channel. To help you make a plan of attack, take a look at how buying Twitch followers can affect your stream, and how to get more followers on Twitch without getting banned.

It’s worth noting off the bat that TwitchGainz.com is a top-tier Twitch growth service that is compliant with all Twitch Interactive guidelines.

Why Should I Buy Twitch Followers?

Why Should I Buy Twitch Followers?

Becoming a successful Twitch streamer and eventually monetizing your channel hinges on learning how to get followers on Twitch.

In fact, figuring out how to reach 50 followers on Twitch is essential to unlocking achievements within the video streaming platform. For example, gathering your first 50 followers is one of the main criteria for qualifying to become a Twitch Affiliate.

Why is becoming a Twitch Affiliate a top priority for any streamer

Becoming an Affiliate opens up a full range of monetization opportunities that are not available to those who have not reached Affiliate status. Twitch Affiliates can accept viewer subscriptions, earn profit from game sales, rake in ad revenue, and receive support from viewers through donations and Twitch Bits.

The perks enjoyed by Twitch Affiliates are great. However, gaining those first 50 followers can be difficult when first starting your channel. You need high-quality video, a strong social media presence, and a regimented streaming schedule.

Even with a disciplined streaming routine, building up a following from scratch is becoming increasingly difficult as more streamers compete to captivate viewers’ attention.

That is where buying Twitch followers comes in. While you will want to keep overheads to a minimum, investing a little in buying followers can give you the boost you need to help your target audience notice your Twitch channel.

Is Buying Twitch Followers Against Twitch Terms of Service?

Is Buying Twitch Followers Against Twitch Terms of Service?

It is against the Twitch terms of service to buy a fake Twitch follower known as a Twitch follow bot.

How do Twitch follow bots work? Follow bots are fake Twitch accounts posing as real users. They are computerized and sent to target a channel, working to inflate its stats.

Twitch’s interface categorizes channels by games, featuring the most popular channels at the top of a game’s page. Streamers with few or no viewers are not likely to capture attention.

Desperate to get to the top of their game’s page, countless new streamers on Twitch have fallen into the trap of signing up for Twitch follower bot free trials from third-party services.

In an instant, an army of Twitch follow bots, view bots, and chatbots can inflate a channel’s statistics, skyrocketing their stream to the top of the page and catching the eye of actual human Twitch users.

What does Twitch have to say about bots?

“Fake engagement and artificial inflation of channel statistics are violations of our policies. Participating in, organizing, and/or running these services will lead to an enforcement issued on your account, including and up to indefinite suspension”, states Twitch on why botting is bad.

While these hired robot minions may rapidly boost your follower count, they come at the risk of account deactivation and facing scorn from the Twitch community.

Are there other cons to using Twitch follow bots?

The Drawbacks of Using a Twitch Follow Bot

The Drawbacks of Using a Twitch Follow Bot

Buying Twitch follow bots also puts you at risk of ad fraud.

Once you reach Twitch Affiliate status, you can enable advertisers to play video ads on your account. These advertisers pay you for the opportunity to run these ads on your channel. You gladly accept the revenue.

Still, ads are only worth running if people are actually watching them. If you are using Twitch follow bots, or Twitch view bots, a portion of your viewers will be fake viewers or robots. In this case, you are now accepting ad revenue for ads shown to robots, which is fraudulent.

Additionally, if you’re caught follow botting or view botting, you could get banned from Twitch. Botters have been busted in the past, and Twitch continues to crack down on the problem.

“At Twitch, the concerns and welfare of the community as a whole are taken very seriously. We are always investigating artificially inflated viewers, chat activity, and follower counts, and are constantly collecting information on users that are utilizing these bots,” warns Twitch.

Another drawback is the Twitch community’s general disdain for botting. While the practice of botting is prevalent, awareness is increasing, and many users can detect bots.

For every user that bots, there is a user that is a hardline anti-botter who is more than happy to report any suspected violations. Since bots often interact in chat rooms or create sudden influxes in viewer or follower counts, it’s not tricky for Twitch users to notice if someone is violating Twitch’s terms and hurl a botting accusation at offenders.

Thankfully, there is an alternative to buying Twitch followers without paying for robots.

How to Buy Twitch Followers Step-By-Step:

How to buy Twitch Follower Step-By-Step

If you’re looking for a safe way to buy Twitch followers, TwitchGainz.com can help you gain Twitch followers without violating Twitch TOS and risking account suspension.

How do we do it? Two words: human followers. You cannot beat the value of real, live followers who are genuinely interested in your channel.

Check out how Twitch Gainz works.

  1. Sign Up Using Your Twitch Account

    The process is quick and straightforward. Just use your Twitch account to create an account with TwitchGainz.com. It’s free to get started with no credit card required.

  2. Invest in Incentivizing Your Twitch Channel

    With Twitch Gainz, you can purchase or earn what we call GEMS. It’s our monetary system for transactions between Twitch streamers and viewers.

    Fast track your channel’s growth by purchasing GEMS. You’ll then be able to offer your GEMS to live viewers for watching your channel.

    If you want to save money, no purchase is necessary to start growing your channel. You can obtain GEMS by engaging with other user’s channels and then use those same GEMS to offer to other users for engaging with your channel.

  3. Create an Offer for Twitch Viewers

    Attract an audience to your channel by offering a reward in exchange for a view. For example, let other Twitch Gainz users know that if they watch your channel for ‘x’ amount of minutes, they will receive ‘x’ amount of GEMS in return. Users can cash in their earned GEMS for actual cash, or they can use them to create offers of their own.

  4. Get Loyal Twitch Followers

    A significant bonus to buying followers on Twitch Gainz is that the followers you attract to your channel will be real, human followers. No robots are necessary.

    These real followers decide what channels to watch and whose offers they’d like to fulfill. That way, the ones who choose to view your channel will likely find your channel interesting and turn into loyal fans.

    Plus, gaining followers fuels even more growth, so the followers you incentivize with GEMS may lead you to get followers who notice you and want to watch your channel without seeking a reward.

The Bottom Line

Getting followers on Twitch is essential to growing and eventually making money off your channel. Having a successful stream and gaining popularity takes a lot of work and discipline.Organic methods for Twitch growth are important but may require time that you don’t have to devote to your channel.

Beyond having a solid streaming schedule with high-quality content and well-maintained social media accounts, one of the best ways to grow your Twitch stream/channel is buying Twitch followers without violating Twitch terms of service.

Here’s the takeaway: don’t jeopardize your channel’s future with bots; instead, incentivize real, human followers.

No matter what kind of quick returns a free Twitch botting trial offers, don’t give in to the temptation. Paying for robots to follow your Twitch account or watch your channel exposes you to the possibility of suspension, ruining all your hard work and resulting in a loss for you and your real followers.

With TwitchGainz.com, you can draw attention to your channel by offering a real reward to your live viewers for watching. Once users notice your channel, you can convert them into followers and fans with your view-worthy content. In turn, this will put you on the path to turning a profit on your stream.

Start growing your Twitch channel today by creating a free account with TwitchGainz.com.